Day 14

My sink is shiny :)

  • got up and dressed and made my bed
  • Swished and Swiped – only just did this. Getting up was tough and leaving on time even tougher, despite ignoring both swishing AND swiping, but maybe because of ignoring my bedtime and my alarm clock.. :S
  • drank maybe 3 l water/tea/cappocino (however that’s spelled – shows how often I drink it anyway ;))
  • ate dinner (at the SundaySchoolCoLeader’s house)
  • Prepped Sunday School.
  • Stayed on to spy on the people planning the Thomas Messe (an alternative Church service) and am now on the committee…
  • checked my calendar – seems I’m working again tomorrow.. Work features more frequently than anything else :S But I am going dancing again so that’s cool.
  • filled my water bottles
  • laid out clothes for tomorrow – I had a fight with myself this morning.. I’d put out the T-shirt I wore on Sunday, then this morning something told me it wearing it to work was asking for trouble. It’s not offensive in any way, it’s just unlikely to create good feelings in my workshop (“Bloody hippies”). I eventually decided not to wear it and had to rummage about for something else, which I will also wear tomorrow. About time I washed something more sensible than towels!


New Zone : Bathroom.

Flylady task:

Today’s mission is to look up high and get the cobwebs off the ceilings and clean the fan vent grill. I know this is not a fun mission; get a proper step ladder and your shoes. If you don’t have a bathroom vent you can clean the light fixture. Get the dust out and be careful!

Hmm. I have a vent, but it’s not really cleanable.. at least not easily.


Okay. It’s clean. Finally. I wish this Kelly woman had more of an idea how long things take to clean though. I would also like to see her balance a step ladder IN the bathtub and wrestle with the stupid vent without landing in a small heap with multiple broken bones. I, being a totally safety-conscious rule-breaker naturally took my socks off and stood on the edges of the bath 😉

I will hopefully upload pictures at a later date.


Other task:

Today, go read the essay that Kelly wrote about using a calendar. Most of us are calendar challenged, and Kelly has a way of making it so easy for us to understand.

Mmm.. sounds like a good idea. I actually already had/have plans for my calendar. I made one for November and it was brilliant. I haven’t squeezed time out of my other activities since then to make any more months, but I will..


However. First I will go to bed and get some sleep.


One thought on “Day 14

  1. […] found the skeleton of a baby bird in my bathroom vent (see Day 14). It was well and truely dead (as in, only the bones were left) but it still made me queasy. […]

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